Inova Health System offers a wide variety of fitness and well-being classes that are open to the community.

Winter Fitness Session will begin the week of February 1st. Registration is now available!

Information about class cancellations due to inclement weather or an area emergency can be obtained by calling the Inova HealthSource weather hotline at 703-698-2444. Class cancellations do not always follow local public school closings.

Don't forget to complete your participation waiver and bring it with you to the first class.

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Mind/Body - Mat Pilates, Pilates-Yoga Fusion, Tai Chi, Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Mommy and Me Yoga

Balance/ Cardio/ Strength Training - Abs/Back & Stretch, Body Toning, Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness Fusion, Mommy and Me Ballet,  Shape Up, Stretch & Flexibility, Zumba®, Zumba Gold®

Seniors - Active Senior Fitness, Seniorcize, Senior Circuit, Strength Training, Stretch & Tone

Specialty - Line Dancing

Mind/Body Classes

Mat Pilates

Core strengthening class that helps to improve lower back health and reduce pain.  Increase your abdominal strength, breathing and overall flexibility.  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Pilates-Yoga Fusion

Strengthen the muscles that help support your back and abdominals using a combination of gentle yoga and Pilates.  Participants should be comfortable working on a mat on the floor.

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Tai Chi - Beginner

Learn slow, fluid movements to promote relaxation, balance, strength, and flexibility.

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Tai Chi - Intermediate & Advanced

Knowledge of Tai Chi basics is required.  The focus will be on refining movements with an emphasis on proper body structure, breathing, balance, and coordination.  Movement modifications are available for certain physical limitations.

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Prenatal Yoga - NEW!

Prenatal Yoga is a safe and supportive environment within a community of mothers inspiring and sharing motherhood. This class combines elements of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates.  As we work on relaxation and breathing effective techniques, we promote serenity, connection with baby, and over all well being. This fusion class will help mothers build pelvic floor muscles, maintain flexibility in muscles generally, while gently building strength preparing for easier labor, delivery and a better recovery.  The mind body approach to exercise offers other physical and emotional benefits as well.

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Mommy and Me Yoga - NEW!

Mommy and Me Yoga helps mothers to gently bring their bodies back to balance through breathing exercises to reduce stress, and asana practice to strengthen the core, upper body, and open the heart. Moms are welcome to bring their new babies along, as it is a safe space to care for yourself and your child.

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Yin Yoga - NEW!

Yin yoga is a quiet meditative practice suitable for students of all levels of experience.  Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach with a focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension and letting go. The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits.

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Practice total-body stretching through basic relaxation and breathing techniques.  Learn to relax the mind and body for daily stress relief.  All fitness levels welcome.

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Yoga for Beginners

Learn basic yoga positions while stretching and strengthening your entire body.

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Cardio/Strength Training

Abs, Back & Stretch  - NEW!

Resistance training to target abs and back. Increase overall flexibility and range of motion. All fitness levels welcome.

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Body Toning

Strength training to help you shape and tone your muscles.  Participants should bring weights to class (5-10 lbs.) and an exercise mat.

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Cardio Kickboxing- NEW!

This calorie blasting workout uses aerobics, kicks, and punches to improve fitness.  Kick, jab, and punch your way to a healthier you while listening to the latest dance music.  All fitness levels welcome..

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Fitness Fusion

A fun and innovative blend of traditional aerobic and strengthening exercises, yoga, and Pilates.  This class is sure to get you moving!

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Mommy and Me Ballet- NEW!

Discover the  beauty of ballet with your child! This 45 minute class will guide you and your child in discovering the language, beauty and benefits of ballet. Adults will develop technique, increase flexibility and build and tone postural muscles. Children will learn coordination, body awareness, rhythm and creativity. Children ages 2-3 would be best suited for this class.

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Shape Up

Get moving in this heart pumping low impact aerobics class! Improve your cardio fitness and boost your energy level with fun moves and music. All fitness levels welcome.

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Get ready to sweat while dancing it out in an exhilarating Zumba class!  Featuring exotic rhythms set to high-energy international beats, this class will get you fit and boost your energy level! No dance background is needed.

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Zumba Gold®

Get your heart rate up in this fun, low-impact Zumba class that is perfect for the mature adult!

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Active Senior Fitness

Improve your balance, strength, and flexibility with this dynamic class.  Work through exercises that will challenge your balance in a variety of ways.

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A low-impact aerobics class with light strength training movements to increase your overall fitness ability.

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Senior Circuit

A low-impact exercise class that moves you through a circuit of advanced aerobic and strengthening exercises.  Light weights and resistance bands are used for this advanced level class.

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Strength Training for Seniors

This total body workout is sure to strengthen your muscles and keep your bones healthy with light resistance exercises.  All fitness levels welcome.

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Stretch & Tone for Seniors

This class will help you increase flexibility and muscle strength through basic stretches.

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Line Dancing - Beginner

Learn to line dance and get a great cardio workout in the process!  No partner required, no experience needed.

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Line Dancing - Intermediate

Increase your line dance abilities in this fun class.  Perfect for participants ready to move beyond the beginner level.

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