Inova Health Systems is one of the best hospitals in the nation with hundreds of specialties. All Inova HealthSource presenters are experts in their fields. Our speakers include Registered Dieticians, Nurse Specialists, Exercise Physiologists, Physicians, and other Health Experts.

Health Promotion Seminars are one-hour programs delivered at your worksite/community facility at your convenience. We recommend planning your seminar three to four weeks in advance. Our programs can be customized for your audience. We can also extend the time period and/or group themes to meet your particular needs. Contact us for scheduling and price quotes.


The sampling of Health Seminars listed below are available to both the community and worksites. 


Health Education & Wellness Series

Workplace Wellness Series

Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Many workplace injuries can be prevented through sound body mechanics and avoiding cumulative trauma. The lecture includes basic anatomy and ways to avoid back injury.

The Ergonomic Office

We explore ways to keep a safe and healthy work environment.  Learn the environmental and personal factors related to the workplace, for preventing illness and injury.

Time Management

In order to get everything on your "to do" list accomplished while maintaining your sanity, it requires planning and focus.  Identify tasks which require your time and discover planning tools and other ways to prioritize each task.

Balancing Your Life

Finding a balance between home and work life is important for your physical, mental and emotional health. Planning methods for setting goals and boundaries within each category is discussed.

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Stress Management Series

Relaxation Techniques

Explore the mind-body connection as you learn and practice techniques for total relaxation.

General Stress Management

Learn how to recognize stress triggers and stress signs/symptoms.  Discover ways of preventing the impact of stress on your health both physically and emotionally.

Managing Stress & Your Waistline

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat! Learn the connection between stress and weight and how stress affects you at different levels. This lecture will also teach you tactics for reducing stress, managing your weight, and improving your sleep.

Stress & Your Heart

Learn the causes of stress and how it affects your health in regards to the heart.  Identify various manifestations of stress and how to manage them in order to prevent further stressful situations and triggers.

Lifestyle Budgeting

Learn ways to budget for your specific lifestyle.  Discover how to go about budgeting, what should be included in your budget and how to avoid a financial loss.

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Personal Wellness Series


Common effects of allergies are discussed, as well as current information on allergy prevention. Hints on keeping a home allergen-free are provided.


Learn the basics of this condition such as risk factors, prevention, common treatments and alternative treatment options. 

Common Cold vs. The Flu

What’s the difference between the common cold, flu and allergies? Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of each. Topics include prevention, transmission and medications.

Decrease Sick Days: Preventing the Spread of Illness

We discuss common methods of transmission for the most common diseases in various settings with an emphasis on preventing the spread of disease.  We guide employees on how to prevent communicable conditions such as colds, sinus infections, cases of flu and more. 

Fight The Flu

Receive up-to-date information regarding this year’s flu status. From germ prevention to the effectiveness of the flu shot, get tips on how to stay healthy during flu season. 

Sun Safety

What is the difference between UVA and UVB sun rays? Information on sun damage, skin cancer prevention and sunscreen application will be reviewed. The DermaView facial screening is a great addition to this seminar.

Tobacco and Smoking Cessation

Learn the effects of tobacco and second-hand smoke and the various approaches to tobacco cessation.  Direct and indirect costs to a smoker are discussed such as physical and monetary costs.  Get tips on setting the quit date and how to deal with barriers that could keep you from success. 

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Learn tips from the experts about how to get quality sleep at night and function your best throughout the day. Topics include sleep cycle, sleep hygiene, and common sleep disorders.

Benefits of Massage

Discover how massage can be a beneficial factor to your health and learn the many types of massage to consider which is right for you.

Dealing with Depression

Many Americans will experience depression at one time or another.  This seminar addresses how to recognize the signs and how to support yourself or a loved one.

Enhancing Emotional Health

Feeling anxious or angry are natural emotions but it is important to learn healthy and positive ways of dealing with them.  Common emotional problems or disorders and the various coping strategies are discussed. 

Know Your Numbers: Annual Physician Visit

What can you expect from a check-up?  This is an overview of the types of screenings and questions you may expect and how to find a physician if you do not already have one. 

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Heart Health Series

Heart Healthy Living

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the U.S.  This seminar discusses factors which contribute to cardiovascular disease, as well as the signs and symptoms of various cardiac conditions. Lecture emphasizes healthy lifestyle steps to improve cardiac health.


This workshop will explore the different types of diabetes, associated risk factors, symptoms, complications and treatment options. Learn important lifestyle changes that may prevent, control, or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Blood Pressure: What do Those Numbers Mean?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a silent disease that leads to serious damage within the body. This presentation talks about factors contributing to high blood pressure, recognizing it, and how to live with hypertension.

The Cholesterol Connection

Heart healthy eating will be reviewed and how the foods we eat affect cholesterol values.


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Women's Health Series

Breast Cancer Awareness

The latest information on detection and treatments for breast cancer, as well as how to support someone who is diagnosed with this disease.

Cervical and Ovarian Cancer Awareness

This is an overview of the disease related to the prevalence, prevention and treatment options.


Participants will learn about the various causes, risk factors and treatments associated with osteoporosis and what they can do to prevent it.

Women & Heart Disease

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women—more than all cancers combined. Topics include blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke and diabetes.

Women’s Health Topics

What does the latest research say about women’s health? Reproductive health, nutrition, menopause, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and aging are among the many topics that may be included.


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Men's Health Series

Colon Cancer Awareness

This topic addresses the latest on prevention, screening guidelines, detection and treatment for colon cancer. As with all cancers, early prevention and early detection is the key.

Men’s Health Topics

What are the leading causes of illness and death in men as they age? Chronic diseases and prevention are discussed, as well as the latest issues and developments in men’s health.

Prostate Health

All men are at risk for colon cancer. It accounts for 30% of all male cancer cases. Risk factors, prevention and screening information will be reviewed.


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Healthy Aging Series


From back pain to carpal tunnel, Learn about resources to help reduce ailments associated with this widespread joint condition. Let our experts teach you alternative therapies and self treatments to help you or a loved one ease the discomfort of this disease.

Healthy Aging

The fastest growing population in the United States is those over age 60.  Americans are living much longer and healthier than in previous generations.  Learn steps to take to ensure optimal health in the retirement years.


Stroke or “brain attack” is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and a leading cause of disability. Many of the factors which contribute to cardiac disease also contribute to cerebrovascular disease or stroke. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of a stroke, and the latest on medical treatments.

Benefit Your Brain

Discover ways to keep your brain healthy and active which can be applied to any age group.  Identify which disorders/diseases can lead to a decline in brain health and what factors we can implement to keep our brain young and healthy.

Have a Healthy Retirement

Now that you have all this free time, what should you do?  Get some ideas on how to spend your time to the fullest, whether it be leisure or adventurous.  


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Physical Activity & Exercise Series

Current Trends in Exercise

Discusses various methods of cardiovascular and strength training. Topics include: interval training, periodization, weight lifting reps and sets.

Fitting in Fitness

Turn negative into positive. Find motivation in this seminar by learning how to eliminate the everyday excuses of not exercising.  

Frugal Fitness

Discover ways of getting well-rounded exercise without spending a ton or anything at all! 

Maintaining Motivation

Geared towards everyone who ever started an exercise regime, but didn’t continue. Discussion includes suggestions on how to vary workouts, goal setting, psychological barriers and how to remain active long-term.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Many of us only find time to exercise on the weekends and when we do we often go overboard. This seminar will teach you how to protect your body from the demands of activity so you can stay active and injury-free.

Starting an Exercise Program

Based on the most recent American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines, this seminar discusses the keys to success, risks and how to avoid them, and answers questions such as “how long, how hard, and how often?”

Weight Management Basics

Healthy eating will be reviewed, including the latest Food Guide Pyramid recommendations and portion size food models.  Exercise goals and plans will be presented.  Safe weight loss and long-term maintenance of weight loss will be emphasized.

Corporate Fitness Classes - NEW!

Give your employees the convenience of an on-site fitness class! Multi-week sessions or one-time classes are available. Choose from the following formats: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Tai Chi, and Strength Training. For more information or to schedule your corporate fitness class, please submit a request or contact Katie Sutton at


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Nutrition Series

Beyond Atkins – Current Diet Trends

How do we know if a diet is effective or even safe? Learn everything you need to know about the most popular diet trends—the good, the bad and the ugly! 

Healthy Eating on the Run

Geared toward individuals whose lifestyles afford them little time to prepare meals, those who dine out frequently or those that dine on fast foods and individuals that travel frequently. 

How’s My Diet

Enables individuals to look at their food and drink intake and review their dietary habits. Guidelines for healthy eating and how to implement them into daily eating is also covered.    

The Importance of Hydration

Discuss why water is such a vital part of our health and well-being. Topics include water safety, dehydration and the numerous benefits from remaining hydrated.  Other beverage choices are also discussed. 

Vitamins and Minerals

Current recommendations for vitamins and minerals will be presented, how they function within the body, and how to obtain them through a healthy diet.  Also discussed will be how to choose an effective supplement.

Supermarket Smarts

Learn tips on how to navigate a grocery store for the most nutritious options.  Meal planning, reading a food label and what ingredients to look out for are just some of the planning tools that are discussed.

Fact or Fiction: Nutrition Marketing Claims

What do terms such as "organic" or "sugar-free" actually mean?  Learn how to interpret popular nutrition claims such as these in order to make the most healthy choices.

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